Just do it. Seriously.

This article is going to be a mix of emotions as we swim through the river of “What the heck is Smunchy talking about?” (It’s a great river in Smunchdom.) Let’s go!

In my best Shia LaBeouf impression – JUST DO IT. /flex – What ever it is you’re trying to do, just do it.


I’m going to take this a step further than Shia, and I’m going to say don’t worry about making it perfect. The longer something takes for you to do and make perfect means the longer time it takes for the world to see what it is you’re doing.

“But Smunchy, that’s the whole point. I want it to be perfect when the world see’s what I’m doing.”

I get it. I really do. But there is something to be said about Quality vs. Perfection. Something can still be high quality and delivered quickly (Yes, it’s true.)

“How? How can this be?”

People often get mixed up by equating value to how much time was put into it – and that needs to stop. It’s time to stop. STOP. IT.

Add value

Value is value is value IS VALUE. No matter how long it takes you to make something. If you are not truly delivering any form of value to your audience and it’s not growing in any shape or form, then it’s time to rethink what value it is you’re bringing to the table for them.

“SMUNCHY. Slow down. This is a tabletop games website! Why all the marketing jargon?! Why so much business-y and entrepreneurial junk thrown in?”

This “junk” is what makes the world go ’round, and most importantly (especially in our tiny niche of tabletop) needs to be talked about more. It’s clearly not getting enough understanding or recognition – even with all of the gurus, marketing folk, convention runners, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs out there. People are afraid. They’re afraid of failure and that’s a problem.

Celebrate Failure

Failure is important. It is key to anyone doing anything, making anything, and becoming a part of anything. Failure is truly a human thing that needs to be accepted – and celebrated mind you.

Don’t continue wasting your time if you aren’t able to validate your product/service/whatever it may be. If you’ve exhausted all audiences, move on to a new experiment and come back to this one later. Knowing that if you have validated your product and have felt like you failed, that’s okay.

There are times where I have failed many times over, but it’s important to keep moving forward. (Wow! So many meet the Robinson’s movie references. ha!)

In my design consultancy business, marketing business, Smunchy Games, etc. there are soooooo many times when I have failed after I’ve validated my product – purely because there were a few small pieces out of place, and that happens. Although, that’s an article for another time.

Here we’re talking about putting out your work for the world to see. Now, this isn’t me saying you should put out low-quality work and expect people to find value in it – no. I am however saying that you need to put out your work without it being perfect – and that can be hard for a lot of people.

It’s better to save yourself time in the end and iterate on your work, than hold onto it for 10 – 20 years and release something that no one sees any value in it.

I had Paths: World of Adia for a long time, but to be fair here, I never had any intent to publish. All of a sudden there we were on kickstarter; close to funding and about to over fund. Then I quickly canceled it because we found a better way to deliver to our audience. Do I regret not putting out Paths: World of Adia earlier? Absolutely not, but that’s also an article for another time.

The takeaway here is simple as it’s in the title. Just do it – whatever the thing is you’re trying to do, and make sure that thing you’re doing is truly adding value.

Thanks again for joining me. I’ll see you all again at the game table later.



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